The Guaranteeing Community Award 

It has always been Brittney’s Dream to have her own non-profit that caters to inner city youths. In July of 2017 Antonio and Brittney decided to pass out meals to the homeless population of metro-Detroit. After the first month, they both quickly realized that this would become a monthly tradition. While fighting hunger is a small part of what Acts of Altruism incorporate, they also have several other core programs that align with their mission to serve the youth and communities around Detroit. Some of those core programs include youth career exploration, mentoring, fitness, physical and mental health and wellness incentives. AOA future goals include: developing community centers that will assist with community engagements, youth development, and health/wellness of the community.

In 2018, OYLF partnered with AOA to provide another neighborhood superhero with the Guaranteeing Community Award for their tenacity, perseverance, and selfless commitment…


  • Enrolled in an educational institution

  • Passionate about building community

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