Project: #fatkidz (detroit)

Our Fighting Against Threats campaign was developed as a primary catalyst for the youth development and neighborhood revitalization initiatives. The campaign addresses several issues noted as global statistical data (i.e. homelessness). Our purpose for this campaign is to create a thread for involvement that aims to sustain urban areas. The campaign is composed of a tactical team of creative, passionate, and determined youth whose selfless souls are committed to alleviating the issues being faced in their community.

According to new figures presented to Federal Housing Officials, there are over 2,000 individuals in Detroit who are homeless (The Detroit News). The youth of Detroit will be given the opportunity to aid these individuals. Already, OYLF has provided over 1,000 meals (and counting) to less fortunate people in Detroit. We are constantly developing ideas for improvement in collaboration with our up and coming. 

Want to challenge Global Statistical Data? Be a #FATKid, sign up today to learn more about upcoming events and how you can Fight Against Threats!