The Promising Hope Award

Our organization stands to mold the youth of our communities by teaching them the importance of education and opportunities through hands-on experience. We call them Young Leaders.

A Young Leader is someone who is equipped with the asset of innovating a robust solution for a multitude of environments while being responsible for their character, growth, and behavior. They are conscious enough to lead with integrity, in hopes that they will be able to serve those who cannot serve themselves. This is one of the most keen services that our foundation provide and will critique as we develop upcoming generations. Young Leaders stand strong, brave, and proud with the echoes of many leaders that came before them, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith whose legacy paved the way for OYLF to exist. On Friday, November 27, 2015 OYLF was established through Promising Hope, Restoring Vision, And Guaranteeing Community.


  • Enrolled in an educational institution

  • Motivated to persevere

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