dear solution creators, visitors, and our Young leaders:

We are a group of Young Leaders calling on your support to assist us with sustaining urban communities with passion and authenticity through scholarship, youth development, and neighborhood revitalization. Detroit is our home. Our existence as an organization remains to promise hope, restore vision, and guarantee community. Being the change that you seek is difficult; creating the solution to your own adversities is a more complex task than creating them for others. In my experience, the best Solution Creators are magnificent in craft and graceful in execution. How do they do it?

I began to search for the answer to this question at a very young age. I could never find it. I felt as if I could never create solutions as both of my grandparents did for their people. My grandmother was one of them. She passed away two weeks after my birth in 1997. Although I was too young to understand what a loss was, I heard stories from my aunts, uncles, and mother about how they could see the worry on my little infant face. I felt the unsettling smiles from my mother who remained strong for her children. I drank from the bottle of reassurance and motivation. I was bathed in the bloodline of Ouida Bertha Ussery and William Eddie Smith, who came to later be known as, Amir Abu Rasheed. When I turned 4 years old, I lost my grandfather. All I wanted was for him to look at me and say, "at ease. Soldier," just one more time.

I now understand why I could not find nor apply the Solution Creators' secret formula. The answer was never lost, it was never a secret. Their formula to creating the best solutions was their hope, passion, and due diligence to learn intuitively from the people in their lives. 

Thank you Grandma Ouida B. Ussery, Grandpa Amir Abu Rasheed, and Uncle Tyrnn A. Smith, for being Solution Creators in my life. Our Young Leaders Foundation is your gift from me. Your guidance will be used to develop a multitude of Solution Creators and we will call them ‘Young Leaders’. I hope you are pleased with us as we tread the paths of hope, using the torch you have lit to assist our vision while working with one another to be a family and to be a community...

To my Solution Creators, I love you and I miss you. To the visitors, I hope there is something in this letter that has inspired you in some form or fathom. And to our Young Leaders, it is your time! Are you ready?


With Passion and Authenticity, 

Malik Amir L. Mix                                                                                                  

Founder | Chairman of the Board