The William and ouida smith Stellar Award

William and Ouida (‘wee’-/duh/) Smith were the proud parents of nine. The two raised human and health service leaders, veterans, entrepreneurs, and overall, doers. It was not an easy task as there were many hard times for the Smith family. In recent stories, the Smith daughters would say that the only thing that kept them moving was their strong family bond and survival instincts. During the mid-1900s, Detroit experienced a large economic decline which caused many communities to come together to attempt navigating the epoch. As for the Smiths, they decided to use what little they had to assist others. From inviting neighbors over for dinner to conducting sermons to those seeking guidance and strength, the Smith household served as a safe haven for many. Although the Smith family did not have to assist their community, they did. This is what OYLF would call an act of Stellar behavior. Thus, the Stellar Award has been established to honor those who continue to selflessly live their lives building hope for others as the Smith family has done and continue to do.


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