Our vision 


During the mid-1900s, Mr. and Mrs. Smith managed to provide for their 9 children while upholding a high level of influence in their neighborhood. The Smiths ensured that love, respect, and community was the top priority in their life. Such priorities assisted in addressing the effects of the Detroit riots. Mr. and Mrs. Smith provided meals and hosted sermons to their community to counter civil corruption. The riots of Detroit had a significant effect on everyone. Mr. and Mrs. Smith felt it was their duty to restore the hope in their neighborhood. They felt that they could help their community by inviting neighbors over for a hot meal and a good word. These two leaders also were courageous in assisting the restoration of their neighborhood by maintaining the upkeep of destructed lots and vacant properties. 

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Our foundation will cultivate the youth in urban communities by encouraging high scholastic achievement and community involvement. We are committed to applying the passion and authenticity that was given from leaders of our past to communities of today. Our foundation defines success as the moment in which you realize your adversities are the greatest fruits to bear. We stand to mold the youth of our communities by teaching them the importance of ceasing ordinary opportunities to accomplish extraordinary heights. 

Young Leaders will be equipped with the tools of innovating robust solutions for many environments while being responsible for their character, growth, and behavior. Young Leaders are thoughtful, selfless, and lead with integrity. 

We believe that "Promising Hope, Restoring Vision, And Guaranteeing Community" serve as the anthem for efforts to propel these Young Leaders forward. Our Young Leaders Foundation will mold a courageous, selfless, and proud generation with the echoes of the leaders that came before them, like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, whose legacy shall now be carried for eternity. 


Our Mission

To sustain urban communities with passion and authenticity through scholarship, youth development, and neighborhood revitalization.

We are a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization!

Create a road less difficult than the one presented currently. Create the jobs, influence the education, and offer academic programs to serve as the doors of opportunities for all people. These are the doors needed to be opened today.
— Tamika J. Smith, Youngest Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Our objectives

  • Award underrepresented students for their leadership and service in Detroit.
  • Provide scholarships to underrepresented students from Detroit.
  • Provide youth development through creative initiatives.
  • Offer life lessons and build cross-functional skillsets.
  • Provide neighborhood revitalization through meaningful and inclusive projects within urban communities. 
  • Sponsor, host, and/or participate in events that promote the cultivation of diversity, inclusion, and/or positive leadership.
  • Plant opportunity seeds for future harvest, and repeat.