Our values stem from creating positive longevity. We ensure that our team considers the highest quality for our youth and our contributors. OYLF will always stand at the frontline for progression, education, and high scholastic achievement. As a foundation, we are content of that commitment, and will continue to build upon it. These are our values:


Excellence in Integrity:

Our foundation behaves -- educationally, socially, and interculturally -- with integrity. OYLF recognizes the value of building partnerships, being authentic, and offering trustworthiness in interactions.


Excellence in achievement:

We set a promise to provide a superior commitment to uplifting all people, especially the youth. The youth benefits from our focus on high scholastic achievement including: committed leadership, diverse learning opportunities through intersectionality, and cross-functional development.


Excellence in engagement:

Our foundation engage with urban communities and stakeholders through providing innovative and empowering solutions that will continuously flourish our vision and build on our philanthropy.


Excellence in Service:

By remaining consistent with our youth development and neighborhood revitalization initiatives, OYLF is dedicated to providing aid to urban communities, especially Detroit. Young Leaders interact with their community and beyond.


Excellence in sustainability:

OYLF seeks exciting and new ways to continuously sustain urban communities. Our foundation embrace current strategies to revitalize neighborhoods and also pride ourselves for implementing new strategies.